Thursday, October 20, 2011

Plodding along...

I’ve been a lazy blogger.  I figured it was time to post an entry so I’ve got a record of my progress when I look back at this.  Mainly, I think a blog is good to record how training/fitness is progressing.  It helps me reflect on how much running has changed for me over the past five months.

First, the weight loss report – I have lost 48 pounds so far!  It doesn’t seem like such a big deal unless I really stop to think about it.  Almost 50 pounds in about five months!  This isn’t some crazy diet, either.  I’ve made a lifestyle change.  The way that I think about food and exercise has completely evolved.

Second, the training.  I made it through B210K, though the last few workouts I skipped ahead to the end because I felt like I was ready.  Now, I’m up to running six miles straight!  It is unbelievable how fast my body has adapted to this.  I wouldn’t say that running is easy, but it’s gotten pretty comfortable.  I’m pushing my pace and/or distance to keep challenging myself.  I’m still throwing in slow runs after reading Jeff Galloway’s book, but I’ve improved a lot.  I have been able to run a mile at a 10:00 pace, something that would have seemed impossible this summer.  I can run five miles at an 11:00 pace.  I just realized I didn't blog at all about my 5 mile race!  I ran the Maple Highlands 5 mile race at the beginning of October.  It was a fantastic experience, though it was definitely chilly!  I knew a couple of runners there, but they were all way faster than me.  I was planning to run alone.  I ended up running the entire time with a woman who matched my pace.  We didn't talk much during the race, but somehow it was easier to run next to another person.  We got down to the finish line, and we sped up to finish strong.  It felt great!  Mark came to be there at the finish line, and I appreciated his support.  It was so nice to see his face as I reached the finish.  My time was 55 minutes, not sure how many seconds. 

The current goal is to reach the sub 30 minute 5K.  I’m not there yet, but I’m working on it!

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